Congratulations, you are the newest ruler of ancient Samaria, elected for a ten year term of office. Your duties are to dispense food, direct farming, and buy and sell land as needed to support your people. Watch out for rat infestations and the plague! Grain is the general currency, measured in bushels. The following will help you in your decisions:

Rule wisely and you will be showered with appreciation at the end of your term. Rule poorly and you will be kicked out of office!

O great Hammurabi!
You are in year {{game.year}} of your ten year rule.
In the previous year {{game.starved}} people starved to death.
In the previous year {{game.immigrants}} people entered the kingdom.
The population is now {{game.population}}.
We harvested {{game.harvest}} bushels at {{game.bushels_per_acre}} bushels per acre.
Rats destroyed {{game.rats_ate}} bushels, leaving {{game.bushels_in_storage}} bushels in storage.
The city owns {{game.acres_owned}} acres of land.
Land is currently worth {{game.cost_per_acre}} bushels per acre.
There were {{game.plague_deaths}} deaths from the plague.

How many acres of land to buy? Enter a negative number to sell.

How much grain to feed to the people? Need 20 bushels per person.

How many acres to plant with seed? Need 1 bushel per acre.

Remaining bushels: {{remaining_bushels}}

year starved immigrants population harvest bushels/acre rats ate bushels in storage acres owned cost/acre plague deaths points
{{game.year}} {{game.starved}} {{game.immigrants}} {{game.population}} {{game.harvest}} {{game.bushels_per_acre}} {{game.rats_ate}} {{game.bushels_in_storage}} {{game.acres_owned}} {{game.cost_per_acre}} {{game.plague_deaths}} {{game.bushels_in_storage + 20 * game.acres_owned + 100 * game.population}}